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Letter - Governor

Dear Zontians,


Get involved! Support, empower and inspire women and girls to build a better future.


Such is the theme of our District Conference, so well aligned with our International President’s, Ute Scholz’s motto: “To build a better world for women and girls”.


I sincerely believe that in Alba you will feel the warmth of the Zontian spirit. You will get involved, you will inspire and be inspired, you will find new ideas and motivations, all fundamental ingredients to develop your projects, retain your members and attract new ones.


At this conference, organized at Giorgio Busca’s Theater in Alba, you will be given the opportunity to participate in an intergenerational forum on the subject of “Women amid changes”, integrating and bridging the gap between generations and cultures.

We will focus on the effects of climate change, the impact of wars, and the loss of women’s and girls’ rights and gender equality. Disasters have a terribly negative impact on women and girls and generally make fall back any advances in gender equality. Students from Alba’s high schools will also attend the forum to which also many important speakers will be present.


There will be a lecture on women in technology, so as to break the barriers and to prepare a flight plan for the future. There will also be workshops for all Zontians to get acquainted with the Strategic Plan and the future development of Zonta.


We will award the winners of Contest23, we will celebrate ourselves to honor our own years as Zontians as well as our Club’s anniversary.


In addition to exciting meetings, we will also be taking pivotal decisions regarding the future of our District.


The District 30 Conference is scheduled for September 22-24 but with so much to see you can extend your stay and explore this incredible place.


Alba is located in Piedmont in the Langhe’s region. The Italian word “Langhe” is the plural of “Langa“, a Piedmontese idiomatic expression for “hill”. The Langhe is, indeed, a hilly area in the north-west of Italy, covered with vineyards, hazelnut trees, and woods which hide a great treasure: the white truffle. Furthermore, the landscape is enriched with small villages, castles, farms and a spectacular view of the Alps. It isn’t hard to fall in love with the area for its beauty, its amazing wines and its superb food.


We will update our website regularly to keep you informed on the progress of our preparations.


Together with the outstanding organizing committee, we hope to meet many Zontians in Alba, and to have a constructive meeting, full of positive emotions and rich in contents.


Join us for an extraordinary opportunity for all of us, Zontians.


Ivana Sarotto

 Governor 2022-2024, District 30, Zonta International

Organizing Committee


Renée Coppock

Zonta International Director 2022-2024 Liaison D30
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Cristina Leone

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Angela Natale

Managing Director, Boeing Southern Europe
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