Zonta International: Press Release by Governor Ivana Sarotto

Women from Across the Globe Converge in Alba for a Fair and Inclusive Future

From September 22nd to 24th, 2023: The 15th District 30 Conference charts new paths for gender equality in an era of change.
ALBA, September 11, 2023 – From September 22nd to 24th, 2023, the city of Alba will become the focal point of a highly significant international gathering: the 15th District 30 Conference of Zonta International. This event is shaping up to be an essential milestone for dialogue on gender equality, women’s rights, and future challenges. Representatives from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, the Principality of Monaco, Romania, Switzerland, and the United States will join world-renowned speakers and activists in an atmosphere of sharing and cooperation.

Zonta International, founded in the USA in 1919, has always had a mission to improve the status of women in every aspect of society. Over the years, the organization has solidified its global presence by creating clubs in many parts of the world. District 30, representing eight European countries, has become one of the fundamental pillars of Zonta International in Europe. Within this landscape, the Zonta Alba, Langhe e Roero club plays a unique role, having been founded in 2002 through the initiative of 20 extraordinary women. These women have left an indelible mark on the community, inspiring and supporting initiatives for women’s rights.

The central theme of the conference will be “Women Amidst Change – Integrating and Bridging the Gap Between Generations and Cultures.” This is a critically important theme that reflects the challenges of a rapidly evolving era. During the initial days of the conference, there will be ample discussion of the impact of climate change on women’s lives and rights. The crucial role of women in theaters of war will also be discussed, with a focus on the situations in Ukraine and Sudan.

On the afternoon of September 22nd at 3:30 PM, in the enchanting Piazza Risorgimento, a group of courageous cyclists will arrive from Zermatt, the city that hosted the previous District Conference in 2021. With their determination and hopeful gaze, these Zontians will bring a message of strength and courage to women and girls. It will be a moment of great significance, an opportunity to inspire and support women on their journey. The Consulta for Equal Opportunities, along with the Municipal Administration, is organizing the welcome for the cyclists.

The event’s kick-off, on the same day, will take place in the picturesque San Domenico church, where the opening ceremony promises to unite and inspire participants through a parade of flags and performances of classical and operatic music.

The conference will also stand out for the presence of exceptional guests. Cristina Leone, President of the National Aerospace Technology Cluster, and Angela Natale, President of Boeing Italy and General Manager for Southern Europe, will share their professional experiences, offering an overview of the challenges and opportunities that women encounter in the aerospace sector. Their presentation, titled “Overcoming Barriers for Women in the Aerospace Sector: A Flight Plan for the Future,” promises to be one of the event’s highlights.

In addition to internationally relevant themes, there will also be room for more specific issues, such as the 2030 agenda and the new frontiers of innovation and education in the digital age. The conference aims to be a moment of reflection, but also of planning, with the goal of outlining concrete strategies to promote gender equality and empower women and girls in every context.

Zonta D30 Governor

Ivana Sarotto